Eco-tour company Viajes El Corte, based in Catalonia, Spain, led an optional tour of Andalusia after the Congress concluded. The Post-Congress Cultural Tour brought participants to Seville and Córdoba, Andalusia, in southwestern Spain.

Over its long history, Andalusia has seen a succession of cultures and religions including long periods of Roman and Islamic rule. Today, architecture and traditions in the region reflect a blend of cultures. Andalusia is renowned for its UNESCO sites, protected areas, historic cross border trade, and the coexistence of some of the world’s prominent religions. The area echoes QLF’s focus in community, culture and conservation, and the organization’s work across cultural, religious and geographic borders.

More details about the cultural tour can be found in the Post-Congress Cultural Tour Brochure and by reading through some Points of Interest: Andalusia.


An example of the stunning and unique architecture in Andalusia. Photograph by: Katy Litka, QLF Consultant and participant on the post-Congress tour