Announcing The Robert A. Bryan Legacy Fund

Bob Bryan with some of the first QLF Volunteers, Harrington Harbour, Québec, Canada, 1963

We can all share in a Tribute to The Ven. Robert A. Bryan in celebration of a life well-lived to causes well-served; to people and community; to friends and family; to land stewardship, fisheries, and wildlife conservation; to the rivers of eastern Canada; to the schools where he taught and coached; to Mike Dodge and Bert and I; and finally to the organization he founded nearly 60 years ago – the Quebec-Labrador Foundation.

Only once in a very great while do organizations benefit from a singularly important leader who boldly steps forward, offering a unique brand of inspiration and impact that is both transformative and enduring.  QLF’s Founder, Robert A. Bryan, is quintessentially that remarkable individual.

Since the organization’s founding in 1961, Bob Bryan has held his conviction that QLF has a higher purpose in today’s world through service to community and conservation.  Thus, in acknowledgment of Bob Bryan’s extraordinary accomplishments; in recognition of his unwavering support for QLF’s mission and purpose; in honour of his dedication and lifelong commitment to people, community, and conservation; QLF is pleased to announce The Robert A. Bryan Legacy Fund established In Memory of Bob Bryan, Founder, Quebec-Labrador Foundation – U.S. and Canada.

Inspired by the enthusiastic encouragement of the Bryan family, The Robert A. Bryan Legacy Fund carries the endorsement of QLF’s Governing Boards and Management, and serves as a Tribute to Bob Bryan’s lasting vision and his positive influence in all of our lives.

The Robert A. Bryan Legacy Fund provides ongoing support for QLF’s operations with emphasis on established, flagship conservation programs for which our Founder was a true champion.  Bob Bryan knew that philanthropic investment in QLF’s programs stretches far beyond the program duration, and represents a proven, high-impact investment in the next generation of conservation leaders.

Join us with a gift to The Robert A. Bryan Legacy Fund; and click here for a PDF brochure.