With its roots in the Atlantic Region of North America, QLF engages environmental leaders worldwide to advance community-based and larger-scale conservation and stewardship of natural resources and cultural heritage.

The Quebec-Labrador Foundation envisions a world in which nature and human societies thrive together and people of good will collaborate to solve the global issues of our time – climate change, depletion of natural resources, biodiversity loss, and planetary health.

Building on its decades-long legacy of engaging a worldwide network of conservation and community leaders, QLF seeks innovative solutions and shares knowledge across generations, cultures, and borders.

QLF addresses pressing global environmental challenges through impactful programs in three focus areas: environmental leadership, biodiversity conservation, and stewardship of natural resources and cultural heritage. Through its work, QLF nurtures and trains current and future conservation leaders while fostering diversity, equity and inclusion in all its programs.

In these ways, QLF strives to be a highly relevant and effective non-profit conservation organization that contributes to a vibrant future for humanity and our planet.


Gros Morne National Park, western Newfoundland

QLF relies on gifts like yours to address the regional impacts of climate change, promote global leadership, and advance community-based conservation worldwide.