Convening Leaders

Ten years after The First QLF Alumni Congress was held in Budapest, Hungary, QLF Alumni from around the world gathered again. In November 2016, organizations and practitioners tied to QLF reconvened to share knowledge, experiences, and best practices while helping to set QLF’s global agenda for the next decade.



In mid-November 2016, The Second QLF Alumni Congress brought together global conservation leaders, who are QLF Alumni and partners, in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain. There were 160 Congress participants in total, who represented 38 countries, 100 organizations, and the public and private sector. The Congress was a resounding success, catalyzing new partnerships and programs that work towards improved conservation and stewardship of our world.

The centrepiece of the Congress was a three-day Workshop that brought together Congress attendees in productive discussion and goal-setting for the future. QLF’s current and future programs were defined, in part, and affirmed by the recommendations set forth at the Congress.