The Second QLF Alumni Congress

There is overwhelming consensus that QLF’s greatest strength over its long history is its people: Volunteers, Interns, International Fellows, partners, consultants, and staff. QLF’s Alumni number more than 5,000 and hail from 75 countries in six regions worldwide. Alumni share the same spirit and feelings about QLF undiminished by time and geography.

In November 2016, QLF once again tapped the talent, energy, and wisdom of its network of Alumni as we focus our vision in the face of a major QLF milestone; that is, the formalization of the Global Leadership Network, QLF’s Network of Alumni worldwide. The Congress assembled QLF Alumni in Barcelona to:

  • Convene and network;
  • Present and report on accomplishments; and
  • Forge alliances and working partnerships to address global concerns in ways that governments cannot.

Congress Report

From 12–17 November 2016, members of the QLF network convened in Barcelona to catalyze action in conservation and stewardship, and to set a plan for QLFs future. The centerpiece of the Congress was a multi-day Workshop facilitated by QLF Senior Vice President Brent Mitchell. The result of the Workshop was a series of recommendations for QLF and its Alumni Network moving forward. This Brief Congress Report summarizes the Congress, its outcomes, and what comes next; this is a full 60-page report on the 2016 Alumni Congress events, workshops and outcomes.

Events and Schedule

The Congress Brochure outlines QLFs objectives for the event, choice of location, and the motivation for hosting such an ambitious gathering of global leaders. The Congress Schedule, the Congress Remarks by Jameson French and the May 2017 Compass Newsletter provide further details.

Congress attendees on closing day, Món Sant Benet, Catalonia. Photograph by Greig Cranna

The Second QLF Alumni Congress Publications