Voices of QLF Webinar Series

Following three successful seasons, QLF is pleased to present Season Four of our webinar series, Voices of QLF.

Each episode features QLF Alumni, staff, and friends from our home region and around the world who will share their inspiring stories of conservation and stewardship. By sharing their unique chapter of the organization’s compelling story the panelists strengthen the connections linking QLF’s diverse, global constituency.

Below you’ll find links to register for our upcoming episodes, as well as the video recordings of our past episodes.  If you’d like to join our mailing list, please contact us at QLF@QLF.org.

Webinar Recordings of Season 4

Episode 1 – Climate Crisis Education

Today, educators and policy makers around the globe are challenged to communicate about the importance and urgency of climate change with young people who increasingly shoulder the responses to the climate and ecological crises emerging all around them.

In this episode, you will learn about a student-led educational initiative generating a great deal of interest in Wales, UK and beyond.  With the support of many, QLF Exchange Program alumnae Lucy Bonner-Kirkham proposed organizing a climate crisis education conference with a twist – students would be directly involved in the planning, execution, and participation.

Join student organizers, educators, and a Welsh government offical as they discuss conference outcomes – a deeper understanding of the climate crisis and the empowerment of teens to act – and opportunities to facilitate policy change in Welsh climate education and sustainability curriculum.

Panelists: Student Leaders, Bassaleg School, Wales, UK; Lucy Bonner-Kirkham, Geography Teacher, Bassaleg School, Wales, UK; Victoria Lambe, Head Teacher, Bassaleg School, Wales, UK; Lloyd Hopkin, Deputy Director, Curriculum and Assessment Division, Education, Social Justice and Welsh Language Group, Welsh Government, UK; and Phil Huffman, Senior Vice President for Regional and Global Programs, Quebec-Labrador Foundation, Vermont, US.

Webinar Recordings of Season 3


Episode 5 – Chesapeake Gateways

Join us to learn about efforts to revitalize the 20-year-old Chesapeake Gateways – a network of unique places and partner sites which provide opportunities to explore, experience, and help conserve the Chesapeake Bay and its expansive watershed. Included in the network are natural, cultural, historical, and recreational sites, trails, museums, parks, refuges, and interpretive and orientation facilities. The Gateways Network is enabled by the Chesapeake Office of the National Park Service.

In 2019-2020, QLF, through its longstanding partnership with the NPS Stewardship Institute, helped to consult the people of these Chesapeake places and deliver a plan to revitalize the network. The strategic plan sets out an ambitious, five-year vision to expand efforts beyond Chesapeake Bay to the larger watershed, and to engage and serve all manner of residents and visitors. QLF and the Institute are now helping the NPS and partners to implement the plan.

Panelists: Wendy O’Sullivan, Superintendent, Chesapeake Office, National Park Service; Jonathan Doherty, former Assistant Superintendent, Chesapeake Office, National Park Service; Rebecca Stanfield McCown, Director, NPS Stewardship Institute; and Brent Mitchell, Senior Vice President, Quebec-Labrador Foundation

Episode 4 – Looking Back

Join QLF Alumna Candace Cochrane as she describes the making of her recently published book, TautukKonik/Looking Back: A Portrait of Inuit Life in Northern Labrador 1969-1986 – a collaboration between fellow alumna Andrea Procter, a group of eleven Inuit from Nain and Hopedale, and herself.

Using the book as an example, Candace discusses the collaborative process and the significance of repatriating photographs of indigenous people to their source communities. By presenting selections from the book, she shows how the images and stories move beyond the frozen moment to take on shifting meanings over time – not only making the book a document of memories, but also an instrument for learning about Inuit culture as it changes to include traditional and modern lifeways.


Episode 3 – The Staying Connected Initiative

The Staying Connected Initiative is an innovative partnership of U.S. and Canadian nonprofit organizations, government agencies and academic institutions collaborating to sustain and enhance a connected forest landscape for wildlife and people in the Northern Appalachian-Acadian region of northeastern North America.

QLF is excited to be the newest partner in this important landscape-scale, cross-border conservation initiative in our home region.

Panelists: Phil Huffman, Senior Vice President for Regional and Global Programs, Quebec-Labrador Foundation; Ariane Breault, Conservation Projects Coordinator, Horizon-Nature Bas-Saint-Laurent; Jens Hilke, Conservation Planner, Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department; and Paula Noel, New Brunswick Program Director, Nature Conservancy Canada.

Episode 2 – Currents in Marine Protected Areas

Essential to all life, water in the form of seas and oceans covers more than 70% of the Earth’s surface and contains significantly more biodiversity than its land masses. Join us to learn about the goals and challenges of planning, implementing and managing marine protected areas as diverse as the Galapagos Islands, the Red Sea and the Great Lakes.

Panelists include Monica Calvopina, Marine Biologist, Galapagos Islands, Ecuador; Mahmoud Hanafy, Scientist Adviser, HEPCA, Red Sea, Egypt; and Ayman Mabrouk, Marine Spatial Ecologist, CSS/NOAA.


Episode 1 – Rise of the Young Professionals

While the need to significantly step-up the global response to climate change is universal, concerns remain about the human capacity to mount a meaningful campaign of change. Join us for a look at the emergence of a new generation of environmentally minded young professionals joining the ranks of those dedicated to conserving the world’s natural resources.

Panelists include QLF alumni Lisa Andrews, Scientific Researcher, KWR Water Research Institute (The Netherlands); Thierry Grandmont, Ph.D Candidate in Biology, Laval University (Quebec); Adrienne Kotler, Officer, Communications and Member Relations, ICLEI Europe, (Germany); Michael Meneses, Ph.D Candidate in Applied Economics, Cornell University; and Grace Weatherall, Climate and Clean Power Attorney, Environmental Defense Fund (Washington, D.C.).

Webinar Recordings of Season 2

Episode 5 – The Spirit of QLF

Larry Morris and numerous Alumni share the Spirit of QLF through a behind-the-curtain look at the evolution of QLF and several of its marquee programs.  Expect stories, some colorful, about mission, love of place, friendship, service, commitment, trust, and teamwork.

Guests include QLF President Emeritus Larry Morris and QLF Alumni Leslie Van Gelder, Katie Bootsma, Jock Conyngham, Greig Cranna, Jenny Macaulay, Patrick McCloskey, Kiragu Mwangi, and Heather Walter.

Episode 4 – The Aviation Ministry of Bob Bryan

Mixing elements of adventure, religion and service, the aviation ministry of the Rev. Robert A. Bryan gave wing to the organization we know today as the Quebec-Labrador Foundation.  Join Bob’s flying and ministerial alumni as they share stories of those early days establishing vital connections with the once remote communities of the Quebec North Shore.

Our guests are Kerry Bryan Brokaw, Tom Matthews, the Rev. Ed Miller, Philip Nadeau, and R.L. Smith.

Episode 3 – South America: Profiles in Leadership

Profiles of three prominent conservation leaders from the South American countries of Brazil, Colombia, and the Galapagos Islands of Ecuador.  Each, in their own way, has managed to protect their country’s rich biodiversity on a large landscape scale despite the inherent cultural, political, and socio-economic challenges.  Discussion topics include conservation leadership by Indigenous communities, stewardship of privately protected areas, and innovative public/private partnerships in conservation. 

QLF Alumni: Denise Rambaldi, Director, Macaé de Cima Environmental Protected Area/INEA, State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Guillermo Rodriguez-Navarro, Consultant in Cultural and Environmental Affairs and Co-Founder, Pro-Sierra Nevada de SANTA Foundation, Colombia; Monica Calvopina, Protected Areas Management, Galapagos Islands and Brent Mitchell, QLF Senior Vice President.

Episode 2 – Belize: Profiles in Leadership

By numerous measures the Central American country of Belize is a conservation success story.  While not without challenges, public, private and not-for-profit organizations have formed alliances to engage local communities (including indigenous peoples), balance economic development and conservation, and share stewardship of the country’s rich array of biologically diverse protected lands and marine resources.

Guest Panelists:  Wil Maheia, Conservation Activist and Founder, Toledo Institute for Development and Environment (TIDE); Nellie Catzim, Consultant on Oceans Governance, The Pew Charitable Trusts; Eddie Romero, Executive Director, Programme for Belize; and Jessica Brown, former QLF Senior Vice President, International Programs, and Executive Director, New England Biolabs Foundation (MA).  Brent Mitchell, QLF Senior Vice President, will join the panel and host the webinar.


Episode 1 – IUCN World Conservation Congress Outcomes

Panelists share their thoughts and perspectives on the actionable agendas that emanated from the IUCN World Conservation Congress (September 2021, Marseille, France) and interpret key trends in conservation articulated by the more than 10,000 professionals attending the Congress (on-site and online).

Guest Panelists: Sue Stolton, Principal, Equilibrium Research (UK); Nigel Dudley, Principal, Equilibrium Research (UK); Brent Mitchell, Senior Vice President, Quebec-Labrador Foundation


 Webinar Recordings of Season 1

Highlights of Episode 7






Episode 7 – Early Volunteers

Learn about the origins of QLF in the 1960s from several of the first Volunteers to serve in the once remote fishing communities on the Quebec North Shore and communities along Newfoundland’s Great Northern Peninsula.

QLF Alumni: Clare McMorris, Chair, Board of Directors, QLF – U.S.; Ed Miller, Vice-Chairman, Board of Directors, QLF – U.S.; Philip Nadeau, Chairman, Board of Directors, QLF – Canada; Richard Berlin; Candace Cochrane; and Bill Dennett.

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Episode 6 – Catalonia, Spain: Profiles in Leadership

Learn about the origins of Catalonia, Spain’s innovative land trust movement from the people who created it. Topics include formation of regional networks and the stewardship of protected land.

QLF Alumni: Marta Subirà, Secretary of Environment and Sustainability, Government of Catalonia; Miquel Rafa, Director of Territory and Environment, Catalunya La Pedrera Foundation; and Jordi Pietx, consultant specializing in socio-environmental challenges.

Episode 5 – Czech Republic: Profiles in Leadership

Hear the fascinating story of the conservation movement in the Czech Republic following the Velvet Revolution of 1989. Topics include building civil society from the grassroots level, creating dynamic partnerships, empowering women, and private initiatives for conservation.

QLF Alumni: Blažena Hušková, founding Executive Director, Foundation for the Jizera Mountains; and Miroslav “Mirek” Kundrata, Strategic Development Initiatives, Czech Environmental Partnership Foundation.

Episode 4 – Lebanon and Jordan: Profiles in Leadership

Meet Lucky the hyena! Learn about efforts to educate and advocate for the conservation of Lebanon’s threatened wildlife, in particular, the country’s national animal – the striped hyena.

QLF Alumni: Mounir Abi-Said and Diana Marrouche Abi-Said, founders of Animal Encounter, an educational center for wildlife conservation; and Ra’ed Abu Hayyaneh of Jordan, now residing in Alberta, Canada.

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Episode 3 – Phil Huffman and Friends

QLF is the river that runs through Phil Huffman’s life. Hear stories of the Living Rivers Program, the North America/UK International Youth Conservation Exchanges, and QLF Alumni Congresses in Budapest and Barcelona.

QLF Alumni: Phil Huffman, Director of Government Relations and Policy, The Nature Conservancy in Vermont; Diane Hewlett-Lowrie, Parks and Forestry, New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection; Kerry Lothian Dennis, Early Years Practitioner, Scottish Borders Council; and Sally York, Education Policy Advisor, Scottish Forestry.

Episode 2 – Marine Bird Conservation

Venture back in time to recount the lessons learned from QLF’s flagship Marine Bird Conservation Program, established in 1978 to address the rapid decline of seabird populations along the North Shore of the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

QLF Alumni: Dr. Kathleen Blanchard, President, Intervale Associates Inc. and former President, QLF Canada; and Gregor Beck, Senior Conservation Advisor, Birds Canada.

Episode 1 – Living Rivers Program

Travel to the 1970s with QLF President Beth Alling and guests for a behind-the-scenes look at the origins of QLF’s community-based conservation legacy, the Living Rivers Program in New Brunswick, Canada, and much more.

QLF Alumni: Larry Morris, QLF President Emeritus; and Tom Horn, former QLF Senior Vice President.