Larry Morris: On the Road as QLF’s Ambassador

December 2019

Season’s Greetings,

The last year has been nothing short of amazing! It began on a sad note; it was the 12th of December 2018, when our Founder, Bob Bryan, passed away at the age of 87. Much has been written about the many accomplishments of this extraordinary man. One of his greatest is the organization that he began in the 1960’s, The Quebec-Labrador Foundation. I came aboard in 1975, a young Cornell graduate student, to direct the Living Rivers Program, QLF’s first foray into community-based conservation. From there things took off.

I spent my entire professional career with QLF and with Bob, who acted as mentor, counselor, and friend for more than 45 years. QLF also connected me to many of you and for that I am eternally grateful. I stepped down as President at the end of 2016 after QLF’s Alumni Congress in Barcelona. As I thought about what to do next, events took an unexpected turn. QLF’s CEO, Beth Alling, asked me if I would consider remaining as President Emeritus. I agreed and now sign up each January as QLF’s Ambassador-at-large. I have just concluded my third year in such capacity.

Entering the holidays, Beth asked if I would share some of the experiences of the last twelve months to provide a flavor of what I am doing in my current role. Needless to say, I have enjoyed the assignment.

Over the Holidays, take a YouTube break, sit back, and enjoy this six-minute video. The program moves quickly, so be ready. I have a hunch you will see a number of familiar places and people. The mix of personality and geography comprises the network that we know as “QLF.” The mission reflects the optimistic vision of our Founder, adapted to meet the challenges of a world quite changed from the one of 60 years ago.

Let the photographs transport you into the new year and all that lies ahead. The “message” of my effort here is that on a global stage QLF is doing so much…thanks to each of you.

You can access the video below:


With appreciation to Beth, QLF Board Members, staff, and to all of you, thank you for the privilege of serving such a special place.

My very best wishes for the Holidays and for 2020 ~

Larry Morris