Andalusia: A Post-Congress Cultural Tour

Eco-tour company Viajes El Corte, based in Catalonia, Spain, is leading a tour of Andalusia after the Congress has concluded. It is an optional add-on and is not part of The Second QLF Alumni Congress. Prices for the Post-Congress Cultural Tour are listed below and paid directly to Viajes El Corte.

This optional Post-Congress Cultural Tour will take interested Congress participants to Seville and Córdoba, Andalusia, in southwestern Spain. Over its long history, Andalusia has seen a succession of cultures and religions including long periods of Roman and Islamic rule. Today, architecture and traditions in the region reflect a blend of cultures. Andalusia is renowned for its UNESCO sites, protected areas, historic cross border trade, and the coexistence of some of the world’s prominent religions. The area echoes QLF’s focus in community, culture and conservation, and the organization’s work across cultural, religious and geographic borders.

Explore a basic itinerary below, and consult the Post-Congress Cultural Tour Brochure and the Points of Interest – Andalusia for more details about the sites we may tour.

Tour Itinerary

Day One (17 November 2016)

Alcázar Seville’s Patio de las Doncellas, also known as The Courtyard of the Maidens, features a reflecting pool with sunken gardens and iconic arches. Photographer: Watcharakorn Chotigo

The Post-Congress event will begin with a walking tour of Seville, featuring the Alcázar of Seville, a UNESCO World Heritage Site noted for the Islamic- and Christian-inspired architecture that coexist in its walls. Participants will also visit Seville’s Catedral de Santa María de la Sede. The impressive Cathedral sits on the site of a 12th century Mosque whose minaret, the Giralda, today acts as its bell tower. Participants will walk through the beautiful streets of the historical center and explore Sevilles old Jewish quarter.

Day Two (18 November 2016)

On day two, participants will explore Doñana Natural Park, considered the largest ecological reserve in Europe and a UNESCO Humanity Heritage site. Particularly exciting are the over 300 species of birds that can be observed in the park. Day two will also include additional site visits in Seville.

Day Three (19 November 2016)

Departure to Córdoba and walking tour through its historical center. Participants will visit notable Córdoba sites including the Mezquita, an impressive Mosque with a Cathedral built in its centre. The Mezquita is pictured below (photograph by: Sean Pavone). The tour will then return to Seville for a closing dinner and evening of celebration.

Day Four (20 November 2016)

Departure for Madrid or Barcelona for return flight ~


Tour Fee & Payment

The Post-Congress Cultural Tour of Andalusia has been organized in partnership with Viajes El Corte tour company. The Post-Congress Cultural Tour fee is separate from the Congress registration fee and will be paid directly to the tour company. The deadline to register for the Post-Congress tour is 31 August 2016.

The cost of the Post-Congress Cultural Tour differs depending on participants’ preferred hotel. Prices indicated beside each lodging option are all-inclusive, including the cost of the tour, accommodations, one-way airfare to Andalusia from Barcelona, and meals.

Lodging options:

  • Hotel Alfonso XIII in a single room: 1479.29 € per person ($1648.00 USD)
  • Hotel Alfonso XIII in a shared double room: 1066.79 € per person ($1188.00 USD)
  • Hotel Hospes Rey de Baeza in a single room: 1195.29 € per person ($1331.00 USD)
  • Hotel Hospes Rey de Baeza in a shared double room: 925.29 € per person ($1031.00 USD)