Investing in Community Leaders

QLF supports next-generation environmental and community leaders by offering Atlantic Region youth, undergraduate and graduate students, and mid-career professionals from around the world opportunities to enhance their skills through participation in community-based conservation projects, exchanges, and environmental education programs.

QLF has supported youth leadership development in the Atlantic Region since its founding. The organization’s longstanding environmental education programs have engaged and supported young adults from rural communities across QLF’s home region.

Each year QLF recruits two dozen Interns (university students) and Volunteers (high school students) to participate in one- to twelve-month programs in eastern Canada, New England, and overseas. Interns work closely with our staff and partners on a wide range of programs.

QLF’s International Exchange Programs, Regional Meetings and International Congresses convene global leaders to share information and learn from each other’s experiences. These programs have fostered partnerships, created opportunities for peer mentoring and training, and built environmental and community leadership capacity.

Past and current Interns, Volunteers, and International Fellows are all members of QLF’s Alumni Network. Through the Global Leadership Network and GLN Online, QLF convenes environmental leaders on an ongoing basis to facilitate cross-border cooperation and programming.