In 2006, QLF hosted its first Alumni Congress in Budapest, Hungary. This interregional meeting brought together environmental practitioners from around the world, catalyzed new projects in conservation and stewardship, and influenced QLF’s development over the next decade, inspiring the formalization of the Global Leadership Network (GLN).

Ten years after QLF’s first Congress, it is time once again to convene our Alumni and partners to network, celebrate their (and QLF’s) accomplishments, form new partnerships, and initiate new QLF and GLN initiatives. The next QLF Congress will take place in Barcelona, Catalonia in November 2016.

QLF is currently seeking sponsorship support from individuals, foundations and partner organizations to increase Alumni participation in the 2016 Congress as much as possible. For any Alumni interested in learning how to become a sponsor or to learn more about the upcoming Congress, please contact:

Elizabeth Alling

Executive Vice President

Quebec-Labrador Foundation

U.S Office: 55 Main Street, Ipswich, MA 01938

U.S. Office: 978.356.0038, ext 225


We look forward to this opportunity to celebrate the achievements of our exceptional Alumni.